Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sorbet in San Jose


Here’s one of my next projects, Sorbet, from Classic Elite. Unfortunately my boobs don’t look like that. On second thought, I am GLAD they don’t look like that. Have you heard of this new invention, the strapless bra?

Wendy at Knit and Tonic was my inspiration for this top (she is so funny, I love her blog), even though she didn’t like the final results. Maybe I should ask her about the pitfalls before I start. I bought Loganberry; it’s dark purple. Looks slinky, won’t be wearing this to the office!

Tomorrow I am off to San Jose, CA, for a short business trip. Yay, away from this heat for a couple of days. Back on Friday night, when I hope to see Eric Hutchinson at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA. Someone asked my what kind of music Eric sings. I am not sure there is a "genre" other than folk. But it's not Arlo-Guthrie-folk. He sings and plays guitar. And is cute and funny, a winning combination!

And then I head to Rhode Island on Sat. for a few days at my parents’ house. My younger brother will be down for a few days w/my nieces and nephew so that will be really fun. I love being an aunt!

This is called “cheap vacation.” I dumped a whole lotta money replacing the hardwood floors in my condo a couple of months ago. It looks great, making my place more soundproof (kiss my a**, Vivien!), and the piece de la resistance is the little tiny kitchen. I replaced the grungy linoleum w/wood flooring and it looks so beautiful. It feels like a brand new home!

Nothing too new here. I have a couple of match.com prospects in the queue, D. and R. (actually he's from craigslist). D., from Friday, IMed me today. That was a surprise. I am going to be away for about a week so that is going to hold things up a bit. They will just have to wait for me!

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