Sunday, October 16, 2005

bad-knitting day

Mea Culpa

First let me apologize for my unnecessary rant the other day. I can be a real bitch once a month. I can’t take it back, but I have learned a lesson. The wedding was really nice, I was all wrong. Everything was beautiful and very sincere and full of love.


I am having a bad knitting-day so far so I decided to stop and get on with the day. Jaywalker on #1s is feeling a little tight so I am trying it on #2s. It has been a fiasco since the start.

I finally bought the yarn to finish the spiral scarf. Don’t you hate it when you can’t find the beginning of the yarn? Sheesh, I pulled both ends and made a mess of the hank. Then I had to revert to taking the label off and finding the end. This scarf that I thought was going to be so easy and quick has turned into a very loooong project. It looks cool, though. Deanna will like it so it’s worth my extra effort.

I have noticed other people with more than one pair of socks going at a time so why can’t I?? I would like to do a pair of ankle socks. They looks so cute on everybody who makes them!

Other Amusements
I have started getting the season DVDs of the BBC show “Coupling,” not be confused with NBCs oh-so LAME attempt at copying it. The British version is so funny and quirky.

Friday night, Ronald and I went to see “Separate Lies” at Bethesda Row. It was a great movie, I highly recommend it. The acting was great, the story will keep you on the edge of your seat, and Rupert Everett’s horrifying plastic surgery will keep you mesmerized.

My heavens, what has that gorgeous creature done to himself? At first I thought had an accident that caused him to have reconstructive surgery. But no, not that case. He has Frankenstein’s forehead. It’s so deep it casts a shadow over his eyes! And there is something weird about is upper lip. Unfortunately I was totally distracted whenever he was on screen. I pray that his face grows into the plastic surgery. And he fires his surgeon. He is featured on, but the pics there don’t do the damage any justice.


Anocsanamun said...

we all need a chance to rant sometime. YOu need to let it out somewhere.

Sarah at Advancing the Plot said...

Thanks Irene, you're right. Better to vent here than somewhere where I could be heard.