Monday, October 10, 2005

Another long weekend is over

Crap, the long weekend is almost over. I spent 3 precious hours errand-running in NoVa – Target, Home Despot, AC Moore, Safeway. (AC Moore had a coupon for 50% off anything next Sat., Oct. 15.)

I have cast on my next pair of socks – Grumperina’s Jaywalkers. I am not sure my gauge is accurate but I am going with it. I was in fact checking the gauge earlier, like all good knitters do, and totally forgot how to knit on 4 DPNs. It took me like 5 minutes to finally figure it out. And then I turned the whole thing inside out at which point I pulled it all out and decided the gauge is fine. Hmmm, brain is not really working too well this evening.

Not a whole lot of knitting this weekend. I am plugging away at sleeve number 2 of that 70s jacket.

I broke down and bought Scarf Style today. It is a nice book, I have been eyeing it ever since it came out. And I haven't bought a knitting book in a while.

Home Improvements

Well the curtains I bought over a month ago for my bedroom are hung. I finally got around to buying the rod yesterday but I am short one set of holdbacks. Target in Greenbelt had only one set left so I grabbed it thinking the huge Target on route 50 would surely have one. Not. My last resort is the little Target on route 1. When I will get there this week is the question. The fall subscription to Arena Stage starts tomorrow night, Wednesday I have volunteer training at the Smithsonian for teacher night next week, Thursday is yoga. Phew. Full week.

I bought the hardware to rewire the light bulb socket of a lamp. Drills I like, futzing with electricity, not so much. It shouldn’t be so hard. I just have to get really tired of a dark living room before I will tackle it.


Which leads me to my new topic*, internet dating. After more than 3 years meeting, dating, fooling around with, and generally enjoying myself, I think I am done. While nothing totally outrageous or bad ever happened to me, I could write a user’s manual for beginners so they don’t have to learn the rules as they go. There are so many unwritten rules! So if you ever have any questions about meeting people online, I am happy to give my 2 cents.

It was a great way to meet people, for sure. My entire dating life over the past 3 years has been driven by At one point my friend Paige from back home thought I was living the life of the women on Sex and the City. I quickly put that myth to bed. It was a great run, truly.

Now I am a little worried about where I will be meeting new men. But I am totally burned out on match.

[* How did the lamp rewiring lead to internet dating you ask? Well a couple of weeks ago I sent an email to a prospect. In his profile he mentioned he was good a fixing all things so as an ice breaker I asked him about my lamp. I thought that was pretty clever. Never heard a word back. Unwritten Rule #1: Do you respond with a gentle ‘no thank you’ to people that you are not interested in? Basic common courtesy would say “yes” if you received an email message, “no” to a less time-intensive wink. My golden rule is treat others how you would like to be treated. If someone goes to the effort to send a well-written email, I reply nicely if I am not interested. But in cyberspace there are no rules. It’s like the wild west. Unwritten Rule #2: I should not be allowed to make the first connection with men because I am batting a thousand. I pick the biggest losers out there and I don’t know how I do it. The men who respond to me, on the other hand, have been really nice, normal, interesting. So I know better than to reply to men I find interesting and/or attractive. But every once in a while, I do it, and it bites me in the butt.]

Wow I am babbling tonight.


Lolly said...

Oh, I love AC Moore--what are you planning to get 50% off?

Looking forward to seeing the Jaywalkers!

Jenna said...

I bet you could have done a very interesting sociological study on the internet dating. I always think that the unspoken rules in dating in general are so stupid, as are the games that men and women are supposed to play with each other's minds. Of course, my dating experience is like zero so maybe I don't have tons of room to talk.