Saturday, October 08, 2005

Rainy weekend fun


This week felt endless. My routine has been tampered with for about a month with a lot of travel and being out of the office and it is getting to me. I like mixing things up, but I like when they get back to normal, too.

I haven’t been knitting too much, but I did join Lolly’s Socktober Fest . This is my first official online knitting event.

I am so happy with how the little pink socks turned out, and I have enough yarn to make another pair. I bought that ages ago on ebay not really knowing what it was going to look like. And have since bought a few more colors so I am well on my way.

Other Amusements/Dating
Corey and I went to see “In Her Shoes” last night in Georgetown. I don’t love that theater, namely getting there because it inevitably takes a minimum of 20 minutes to drive 3 miles straight down Wisconsin Avenue. And with the rain last night, I thought it would be worse. But the streets were empty. I guess the coeds didn’t want to ruin their hair and get their strappy-sandaled-feet wet.

The movie was good. Corey likes chick flicks more than me so he let me choose between “Just Like Heaven” or “In Her Shoes.” Even though I think Mark Ruffalo is totally cute and adorable, I went with Cameron and Toni. It had some very funny scenes, but it is really about the relationship of two sisters. Not having a sister, I can only relate vicariously, but it seems to hit some general themes of jealousy and family and the decisions people make in their lives. One of my mottos is “Life is a series of choices.” A little something to chew on.

Corey stayed over and we lounged around for most of the day. It’s the perfect day for lounging around. So all of the recent time spent together doing all sorts of things begs the question – Are we dating again? But I didn’t bring it up. Corey and I really click. We like many of the same things, he is so open to new things, is very kind and caring, doesn’t take my drama too seriously. And he makes me laugh.

My friend from work invited me to the Improv last night, but I really don’t like that place. I feel so crammed in and I don’t like the food and drink minimums. So 80s. The comedy takes a backseat to the annoying room and “the rules.”

Continuing my inadvertant sister-movie theme, this afternoon I watched a very entertaining Spanish movie, “My Mother Likes Women.”

The Red Sox' season ended yesterday when they lost their series with the White Sox. Moment of silence. But most of the Red Sox Nation is still riding high from last year's win over the Yankees in the playoffs and then winning the World Series.

I just hope the Yankees don't make it to the series this year.

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