Sunday, October 30, 2005

Back to EDT

This not my favorite day of the year. The day we turn the clocks back and welcome the long, dark days of winter. Although when I lived in Rhode Island it got darker a lot earlier than Washington, D.C. so I am thankful for that. I woke up early, and then realized I hadn’t turned my clock yet so it was even earlier. So I have gotten a good jump on the day.

I started a second Spiral Scarf last night. This one is for me, in my colors, a dark reddish purple color. I am using Homespun, like the pattern calls for, I think the color is called Antique. And I bought 36-inch needles to handle the great length that this thing acquires as you keep adding stitches. I struggled with the last couple of rows on the first one I made.

I finished the heel flap of my sock, but haven’t tackled turning the heel. Because I added stitches to the pattern at the cuff, the heel is now going to be larger so I need to find a pattern that started with about 60 stitches.

I wore my Paris Loop poncho yesterday and it feels like it is stretching out to the point that is will slip right down my body. I made it last year, when I didn’t know a whole lot about knitting and pieced together my own version of the pattern. That could be the problem. Short of ripping it out and starting over, I am not sure what to do. Even in the wind yesterday, it was surprisingly warm.

Oh the boys.

Well you know that Charles called me last week, after many weeks of no communication. So I called him back after sitting on it for about a day. The conversation went fine, he was wondering what happened to me, I was wondering what happened to him. He explained how busy he has been (hmmm, heard all of this before), he just needs me to be patient, I am trying to be patient but hasn’t given me anything to go on, I am looking for a serious relationship, marriage, he will be moving to St. Louis very soon and where does that leave me, blah blah blah.

He had been in St. Louis all that time, working on the house he is refurbishing. He called me from Montreal, where he is currently working. How does he deal with such a complicated life!?! He exhausts me. But he was back home (is this really home?) in D.C. on Friday so he came by and we got pizza and watched “Ladder 49.” It was nice evening, and I didn’t let him stay the night. I am going to drive him to BWI this morning, he’s heading to St. Louis.

And of course Corey is still complicating things. We went to an exhibit of silver at the Renwick and then to see Alice Neel at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Had a good day, he’s a great museum partner because he is an artist and appreciates museums. That is one of the things I like most about being friends with him. We ended up fooling around even we agreed to do our best to refrain. Yeah, right, he’s a man. If he wasn’t so good it wouldn’t be so hard!

If only I could glean all of the good qualities of all the men I have dated, I could build the perfect man. If only…

Hurricane Beta
is closing in on Central America. Belize was one of the countries on the list of those affected yesterday. But I just checked and it looks like it is heading due west over Nicaragua. My travel-partner, Geraldina, is in Belize now, I leave a week from today. Looks like it might be rainy but no hurricane winds or anything. Whooda thunk?

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Jenna said...

Ugh, I'm with you, I totally hate turning the clock back. I hate going home from work in the dark. I hate the impending cold, bleh! Yesturday, when I was bitching about it to my bf, he said "Well, you can complain about it or you can just go flow the flow." I said, "I prefer to complain about it." Then, he ran away.

The Belize thing is certainly a question mark - lots of rain can make site seeing hard, but at least you're out and away!