Saturday, October 22, 2005

Knitting on a plane

Look at all the knitting I got done on the flight to Dallas! I need to come up with some clever phrase for knitting on a plane. I like this self-striping yarn, but I feel like I am cheating and also that I don’t have any control over the creative process. The average joe will be intrigued and think it’s a lot of hard work. Is that good or bad? A philosophical question.

I had a look at the new magazine, Knit Scene, the other day. I was disappointed, but it will appeal to a hipper crowd, like Knit1 does. And the new Vogue Knitting had some interesting work, but nothing I would wear. You know what I mean? Often I see projects that are really beautiful and creative and different, but nothing that I would wear.

I didn’t have time to visit the Dupont Circle Fine Arts and Crafts Festival today. I was racing around before I had to get to the airport. I finally recycled my 10 year-old Mac today. Yay, it’s out of my house! D.C. had an electronics and hazardous waste drop off today at Carter Baron. (There is another one if you missed it.)

With a sense of freedom, I understood that I probably would never be a prolific
knitter, but I would remain curious and open to the possibilities. Most likely I
will never have the patience to follow fancy patters, but I will be able to pick
sensuous wool for a simple scarf and make a gift for someone I love.

“The Art of Failure”
Nora Isaacs
Alternative Medicine, November/December 2005


Jenn said...

I love the colors in your sock!

That happens to me all the time with knitting magazines, so many patterns, so few things to make. I got an offer in the mail last week for a subscription to Interweave Knits, so that is tempting.

I wish I knew of somebody recycling computers around here, I have a 7 year old Mac that is lounging around in our spare bedroom closet. I always hear about it after the fact.

Boston Terrier Knitter said...

Love you sock. The colors are great. I am working on socks right now with self striping yarn. The colors in mine are brown, with a slight pink in it, and some gray. Very fall looking. I am very anxious to get it going. You are farther along than I am. I have a few more inches to go.

I am one of those simple people who loves the magic of the self striping yarn. Yes, I am a green knitter. :)