Friday, October 21, 2005

The week has flown

I had to quit the Jaywalker socks. The cuff was really tight, even after I switched to larger needles. Maybe it’s the yarn. Maybe it’s me! After two attempts it is time to move on.

I bought this self-striping yarn on ebay a little while ago-Confetti. I have never used this self-striping yarn before so I am curious how it will come together. This time I promise to swatch. When I am in a hurry to start something I often skip that important step. And then pay for it.

I had bookmarked and saved a number of sock patterns over the past year or so, knowing that someday I would start knitting socks. I am overwhelmed. So I am going to stick with a simple pattern. Nothing fancy with this self-striping yarn.

More Business Travel

I leave for Dallas tomorrow afternoon, for a quick business trip. I was in Dallas last year for a pretty long trip and vowed to never set foot there again, unless it was work related. Great. Back in the Big D. (Big Donut? Big Dildo? Big Dishwasher?)

Being from the liberal northeast, I don’t like Texas (with the exclusion of Austin). Being a Democrat I like Texas is less. There is little to do, the downtown area pretty much closes at 6 PM. You can’t walk anywhere. My friend recommended I visit the art museum. He was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was.

I am an alumnae admissions volunteer for my college. I staffed a college fair in Fairfax on Monday. It’s nice to see and interact with high school-aged kids once in a while. (I live in a bubble of people in my age group, mostly single, some married, mainly no children, but lots of dogs.)

I went to Simmons College, a small women’s college in Boston, so it’s interesting who comes over to the table. There are always the boys who are drawn to Boston, but don’t realize Simmons is all women. They always laugh and take it well, some want to sign up even more! And the fathers who went to MIT who know Simmons well because that is where they socialized. And the mothers who want their daughters to go to a women’s college. It is always fun. I can tell the girls who are Simmons material right away.

Now that Corey and I are doing it, things are weird. Not surprising but annoying nonetheless. My astrological sign –Sagittarius-dictates that I have to know why things happen, but for now I am going to let it ride.

We had a weird sort of fight/disagreement over the phone early in the week. It’s hard to describe, we both were a little hormonal. But he called back 10 minutes after we hung up and asked if I wanted to get pizza and watch TV on Thursday night. I appreciated the fact that he called back, he must have felt the strain in the conversation, and wanted to try to make it right. So he came over and we watched his shows (Smallville and Everwood) and ate Armand’s.

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