Monday, October 24, 2005

The perfect storm

I think I need to rename Socktober Fest Frogtober Fest. Lauren expects me to actually finish a pair of socks in return to participating? I think I will make this a learning process and leave it at that.

I realized that the socks I had made so much progress on weren’t fitting properly when they barely made it over my foot. The pattern called for 48 stitches. I was in denial, I admit. I pretty much knew the cuff wasn’t going to fit over my heal but I thought that maybe as it got longer it would fit better. How are you supposed to know how many stitches to start with? I think I need to buy a book. Can anyone shed some light?

So I have restarted FOUR times, no joke. I dropped a stitch in row 2 and it was totally lost. I was playing with the pattern, not wanting to start the sock with the fair isle part of the yarn. I messed up the 2x2 ribbing. You name it, it happened! Here we go again with 60 stitches.

The Perfect Storm
George Clooney, save me! I have been watching CNN this afternoon and heard something about a ‘perfect storm’ brewing on the east coast. Huh? I am supposed to leave tomorrow afternoon. Please don’t strand me in Dallas Wilma!

Other Amusements
Things are coming together for my trip to Belize. We are ignoring all tropical storms/ hurricanes in the area and forging ahead. She is leaving on Thursday so she will be traveling around for a week on her own before I arrive Nov. 6. We are meeting up on Placencia and are now finding a place to stay for the week. I am really looking forward to this trip.


Jenn said...

I just got the book "Knit Socks" by Betsy Lee McCarthy. It has 15 patterns in it and they range from basic to easy lace patterns. Also, if you go to, she has an basic toe-up sock pattern that is easy to do.

gwen said...

The best thing to do to figure out if it will fit over your foot is to measure and also to have a gauge swatch. If you haven't ripped the sock totally apart, you can use the one that you had to rip and figure out your sts/inch and they multiply by the needed inches.

I will say that 48 sts is a tiny amount to cast on. I just made my son (18 months) a pair of socks with 40 sts cast on.

Also, a warning about Wendy's toe up pattern, I found it to be incredibly tight around my heel (to get on), once they're on they are the best fitting socks I own, but it is a struggle.