Wednesday, October 05, 2005

will this week end please


I am working on sleeve #2 of that 70s jacket.

I am still wavering on Clapotis. I found this beautiful yarn on ebay. The color is Foxy Lady. How perfect!

I didn’t go home to Rhode Island this weekend because it was too expensive ($250), but here I am buying more yarn. Priorities much?


So the Red Sox are playing tonight. They lost yesterday, and even worse, the Y*@kees won. Ugh.

I don’t have cable so I can’t watch but I can read the play-by-play on the Internet. It’s better this way; I won’t be glued to the TV. And “Lost” is on tonight. I missed last week so I am psyched to watch.

Looong Weekend
Looking forward to an extra day off. I don’t have much planned but I will come up with something. There is an exhibit at the Phillips Collection I would like to see. Or maybe a trip the Baltimore Museum of Art is in order.

Haven’t been there since my birthday weekend last winter. Corey planned a wonderful weekend (that’s when we were together). We stayed at the Admiral Fell Inn, he had flowers delivered to our gorgeous sunken room, and a huge basket of goodies including bath stuff, candy, and snacks. We went to see the Christmas show at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, starring Robert Goulet and Shirley Jones. We had a blast.

And I need to clean. My least favorite task.

Other Amusements
My favorite food is ice cream. I am not really particular about brands, but I know what I like. And I have this thing about spending more than $3.00 on a half-gallon so I have done some research on the popular brands found in most grocery chains. Ben & Jerry’s at $3.50+ a pint – please! Yeah it’s good, but the fat content alone should keep you away. Turkey Hill is very good, but up to $6.00 a half-gallon. Hello? I only buy it on sale. Favorite flavor: Tin roof sundae, a great mix of chocolate fudge and salty peanuts. Safeway’s Moose Tracks is really good too. The chocolate fudge is so smooth, it melts in your mouth. I just finished my nightly-bowl, with a couple of Oreos. I was thinking, hmmm, I am not really hungry for this at all. But when had that ever stopped me.

Just two more days...

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Lolly said...

Have you been to the Baltimore Museum of Art before? I really like that museum--I used to work across the street, and loved the stroll through their sculpture garden :)

I love ice cream too--who doesn't? I love Moose Tracks. My favorite brand of late? Edy's Slow Churn is very yummy.

Have a good one~