Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sublet with a catch

Had the most fascinating conversation yesterday afternoon with a guy living in D.C. on a temporary assignment at NIH. I met him at the bar of a mediterannean restaurant in my 'hood.

Having the day off, I went to the spa for an afternoon facial and manicure (thanks Groupon). Feeling all relaxed and shiny clean, I decided to stop in for a glass of red wine on my way home. This restaurant has a great selection of South American red wine and I knew I could grab a mezze or two if I was hungry. I love afternoons like this and I don't have them very often.

Shortly after I sat down at the empty bar and started sipping my glass of Argentinian Malbec, in walks a regular. Ann, the bartender greeted Ron by name and uncapped a Yuengling. There was some small talk, he lives in Seattle, going to Hawaii next week for vacation with his wife who is living in Seattle, blah blah. Then Ann brings me up to speed in Ron's living situation and the sitcom they have been planning over the many weeks that Ron has been visiting the bar.

He is subletting a studio apartment in NW from a psychologist. The psych lives in south Florida, but three days a week she comes to D.C. to see patients. On those days, Ron has to put all of his "stuff" away and stay out of the apartment from 8AM to 8PM. Oh the story lines this TV show could have! We were on a roll, I just hope we can remember them all after all the wine and beer.

I love this sort of stuff. And of course he found this apartment on Craigslist. Where else!

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