Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Living trust and will? Done.

Every once in a while I do something that reminds me that I am 41. An adult. Who needs to handle her life like an adult when necessary. Today I finalized my living trust and will.

It has been on my to do list literally for years, ever since I bought property. One reason it took me so long is I did not really know how to start to the process*. Arlington Adult Ed can take the credit for pushing me along. I attended a class this summer about getting the will written, knowing that I need to take the first step in attaining that goal. The lawyer who taught that class was very sensible, not scary or threatening, and drove the point home to me that this is something that I need to complete.

It really was not that hard, just time-consuming. Choosing beneficiaries and executor was thought-provoking and kind of difficult. I have two brothers and I did not want to offend the one I did not choose, but in the end I know I made the right choice. And there is nothing that can't be changed if my choices are eating away at me.

So I feel a big sense of satisfaction today.

*I don't think I am alone in not really knowing how or where to begin. For example, as I was leaving the office this afternoon to head over to the lawyer's, I rode the elevator with a colleague. A very smart guy, slightly younger than me, with a wife and children. He revealed that he does not have a will. What? Dude, you have kids!

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