Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Knitted Christmas Trees

Here are some easy ways to move past the stress of the holidays:

And of course there is always knitting.

I am working on a pair of socks and trying to finish seaming Sunrise Circle jacket. I always blow seaming out of proportion. It’s really never as bad as I think it’s going to be. And it is one of the most rewarding parts of a project – bringing all of those extraneous parts together to make something wearable.

I love these knitted Christmas trees! The Crafty Modster is very clever.

It’s worth a trip to NoVa to visit the craft store to buy some cheap, tacky yarn. Hey, this would be fun to make for my Secret Santa at the office, depending on who it is.

Am I getting old, or is there really nothing on TV? Programming is so lame. The same shows are on every network channel, just repackaged and on different nights.

So how do you get rid a guy that won’t go away?

A while ago I was seeing Chris. His behavior warranted not seeing him anymore, but I still get these random emails from him. “I was thinking about you….Hope you are well…” crap. Sounds nice, I know, but no, he’s not. I want to reply and tell him to leave me alone. Corey tells me to just ignore him.

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