Saturday, November 19, 2005

New Yarn

New Yarn

My yarn from Knit Picks arrived. Some more sock yarn (Sock Garden in “Geranium” and “Hollyberry” and Sock Landscape in “Rocky Mountain Dusk”), some for me, and one mystery color for the Holiday Sock Swap. So mysterious! And the coal and cranberry “Panache” is for a scarf for my father. I realized last week that he might feel left out if he doesn’t get a knitted gift from me. And he is so easy to please. He is so appreciative of gifts, it’s so refreshing.

I will do some swatching last night before Corey came over and started my Holiday Sock Swap. I am psyched to start the swap socks, but I have to remember to keep working on my mother’s pair.

I should be able to steam through my father’s scarf as soon as I figure out what kind of stripes I am going to do. Someone shared with me this very cool website called the Random Stripe Generator. It’s fun to play around with.

I added some new pictures of finished projects to my flickr account in the right column. I think I am just about caught up with pictures of my finished projects to date.

Other Amusements
I had one of those I-am-so-glad-to-live-in-the-city days today. I had my regular Smithsonian volunteering gig (I was at the American History museum) and then I swung by the office to get my pictures that I had left on my desk so I decided to stick around. I got some lunch at Pizzeria Paradiso, read the paper, had a glass of red wine. Then got hot chocolate at Cosi and poked around Olsson’s. Fun day.

Ronald and I went to the movies tonight. We tried to see “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” but it was sold out, all night! The only movie playing that had tickets available within a reasonable time was “Derailed” with Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston. It was OK, your run of the mill Hollywood thriller. The biggest disappointment was Clive had an American accent. So wrong!

After the movie we went to Le Madeleine. On the way we started talking about the new version of “Pride and Prejudice” that is coming out, with Keira Knightley. I can’t stand her, don’t see her in movies, think she is kind of creepy actually. That lead to a discussion of all the versions of “Pride and Prejudice” that have come out in recent history, including “Bride and Prejudice” which I recently saw. It was pretty good, an Americanized Bollywood movie. I was a little annoyed by how western the Indian actresses were and Ronald wanted to start a debate on my point. Well, I just wasn’t in the mood. I have had these discussions with him before and he just pushes and pushes and then it turns into an argument.

I think his nose was out of joint. He paid for our hot chocolate and my croissant and when we got to the table he made it very clear that I owed him money. Sheesh. The male ego is an amazing thing. If women had an ounce of that ego coursing through our veins, we would rule the world.


Jenna said...

Hmm, it seems a little silly to get that defensive about a movie. It does seem that the male ego is indeed fragile.

Looks like you got quite a knitpicks haul there! Keep going with the gift knitting, we support you!

Lolly said...

I love Le Madeline--one of my fave places! Their soup (tomato basil) is a little piece of heaven to me! ;)

I liked Bride and Prejudice. Saw it awhile back and could not get over "Sayid" from LOST in it.

I have the same Geranium Sock Garden colorway. I just love it. Haven't made anything with it, but I will... you got a lot of goodies there!

See ya, Sarah!