Saturday, March 06, 2010

All in good time

Back to the knitting! I am slacking, badly. This really great, easy sweater I was all psyched to wear this winter - this cold and very snowy winter in D.C. - is still laying on my livingroom floor. I thought, "If I put it in the way, I will get tired of stepping over it and finish the darn thing." Not. But you all know how that goes.

I have been using my time constructively though. I have been exploring my highly sensitive personality and working on myself. I guess this all started last summer when I went to Kripalu for a yoga retreat. And then I tried a therapist. And then I found Jenna Avery on the Internet, by accident, or so I thought. And then I read "Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life" to get my condo feng shui in order. So this is all unfolding as it should. I was waiting for the bolt of lightening that would bring all of the clarity I am seeking, but that's not coming. All in good time. That is my new mantra.

So before I get started on my new project, Geodesic cardigan, (in the winter/spring Knitscene) by Connie Chang Chinchio - she has some great designs - I am going to finish this cardigan this weekend. Promise.

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