Sunday, August 17, 2008

Effing Twitter

Rant warning: I am not usually a complainer, well not out loud anyway. But my recent experience with effing Twitter has to be shared as a warning.

These new features pop up weekly and they claim to be the greatest thing ever, until there is a problem. And then they turn into the worst thing ever because customer service does not exist on the Internet. You think the cashier at Macy’s is rude, but at least there is a breathing person there. With the Internet, there isn’t anyone there. Just some self-serving FAQs that help no one and a HELP screen that is just the opposite.

I am attending a conference this week, my peers in the association world. Trying to keep up with the latest in technology, I decided to play along with the effing Twitter group that was set up for attendees. I followed the instructions and bingo, I start getting text messages.

So it’s fun for about half a day when I decide, ‘OK, I tried it, not for me.’ I don’t really like texting, I don’t know any of these people (there I just outted myself, I am not a Millennial), but now I understand how this service works. I log onto effing Twitter to turn off my device (read: cell phone) to make it stop. But no, they just keep coming.

Cripes, what do I do now? And to make matters worse, I am blocked at work from entering the site so I have to wait until I get home to figure this out. As the messages keep on coming. And I am paying for every last one of them.

Next I block all of the people who are following me and stop following the meeting that was set up. And I reply with “off” as effing Twitter has suggested somewhere on the site. I am frantically trying to get it to stop. And then I try making it stop my replying “Stop.” All the while I am getting replying to the effect of you, “You have requested messaging to stop.”

Well, yes effing Twitter I have, but you don’t seem to understand STOP.

This has been going on for 4 days now and my level of frustration is off the charts. In my Google-searching for help from someone else who may have had this problem, I find this site Get Satisfaction. Have you seen this? Users can post questions, ideas, problems, and supposedly an employee from said company will help you out. I will try anything at this point (Sat. night at about 12:30). I pound out my question.

Next stop, I wonder if my carrier be of any help here. Miracle, they can block text messages. I am ready to cry. I love Sprint. I love Sprint. I love Sprint. Problem solved, no more messages from effing Twitter.

To follow up on Get Satisfaction: I had a response to my query this AM from “Mark.”

Whatever. I hate Twitter.

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