Friday, February 01, 2008

I fixed my laptop!

I am back among the living! I am so proud of myself, I fixed my laptop! Girls, the men in my life who know computers were so turned on by the fact that I removed the LCD. All by myself. (The directions on the Dell and Assetgenie sites were the real heroes here.) If you’re looking for a new angle, give it a try (wink wink).

After doing some trouble shooting on the Internet and talking to a few people I decided I would try to replace the LCD and see if that was the problem with monitor. After first getting a bad LCD and determining that the video card was working, I finally hit pay dirt. The replacement LCD that arrived today worked. Hallelujah! I was jumping up a down with gleeeeeeeeeeeeee.

It is such a relief to have access to the Internet at home again. I am planning my trip to Turkey so having the web when I want it, and not just at the office, makes life so much easier. It begs the question <>

So, yes, I booked my trip to Turkey. Another great moment this week. I am going with Rick Steves’ tour company. The speed of the tour, all of the warnings about each of us having to carry our own bags (meaning no infirm people or prima donnas), and the “through the back door” theme of his trips are what sold me. I have been watching Rick tromp through Europe on PBS for half my life!

I don’t leave until June, but I am thrilled that I finally have plans. I was waffling, complaining about not finding a tour company that suited me, cursing my friend who backed out of the trip last week for too long. So I finally just did it, jumped on the Internet and booked. In about 2 minutes I had dates and an itinerary. What a great weight lifted off my shoulders.

Now to find a plane ticket for under $1,200. Ugh.

I have some knitting projects to catch up on. Check back over the weekend.

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