Sunday, February 03, 2008

Finished sweater and felted bags

As promised, some finished projects.

Here is the top down raglan. Came out great, I love the sweater and the yarn. It is a really nice fit, not bulky. And it was so easy to knit. This was my first sweater with buttonholes and they were not nearly as scary as I thought they would be. I started the holes a few inches from the neck.

And here is the after pic of the buttonhole bags I made for my cousins. (I had a before picture...somewhere. In my zeal to keep my computer free of extraneous files I must have deleted it. Ugh.) This is my second felted project and it was so very different than the french market bag. The buttonhole bag yarn is doubled so the felting took 2 wash cycles. I would guess that they shrunk about 25% during the felting process. The Lamb's Pride bulky has a fuzziness to it that I did not like in the finished bags. I have a feeling it will leave a lot of lint behind. But the bags are really cute and my cousins love them.

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