Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pain in the lily pad


I have spent a good amount of time this week frogging my Tivoli (free pattern from Grumperina) that I finished 2 years ago. Unfortunately it loosened up a bit after I wore it a couple of times and became way to big, gapping under the arms, the cap sleeves falling over. The funny thing is that I get many hits to this blog from the picture posted on Grumperina’s site (sheesh, look at all those tops). So I feel like I am misleading the people who look at my creation. And now it is half-ripped out. But I do plan to reknit the top because I really like this yarn. The frogging is a pain in the lily pad though, because of all of the decreases and binding off. I am almost past the neckline and sleeves. Then it will be smooth sailing on the ball winder.


I watched a great movie this weekend, "Don't Move." Only a foreign film could have a woman (Penelope Cruz) fall in love and have a long-term relationship with the man who rapes her. It sounds horrible, but the story is compelling. The characters - the guy, the woman, his wife, a daughter - are great, all sympathetic in their own way. And Penelope Cruz really shows her talent as an actress in this role. She sheds her beauty which I think gets in her way in her roles.

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