Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hot July #Bloomsday

It has been very hot in the D.C. area, as it is in the middle of the summer. The flowers and vegetables seem behind where I think they should be this year.
  • As I posted earlier, the tomatoes are growing really slowly. Fish fertilizer was recommended and it seemed to work on one of the heirlooms, but the others did not react. But, all of the plants have flowers and fruits so I am going to fertilize one more time and just leave them alone. 
  • The pumpkins have squash vine borer, no surprise. Leaves were wilting and turning yellow and the vines had the tell-tale mushiness (looks like sawdust). One plant died, but I was able to dig out the worm in another plant. I covered the area with dirt and now I am hoping for the best. The third plant looks fine for now.
  • My other quandry with the pumpkins is that I am not sure I am even growing pumpkins! More on that at another time.

The containers are filling in

Left: Full-sun area with hydrangea and black-eyed susan. Top right: Mostly shade area with coleus, sweet potato vine, mint, creeping jenny and torenia. Bottom right: Mostly sunny area with mix of croton and zinnia and hibiscus and petunia.
Flower beds going strong, too
My favorite black-eyed Susans. So easy to grow and they bloom all summer.
Parks Mix Zinnia have beautiful color and make beautiful cut bouquets.

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