Monday, May 29, 2017

Some people adopt animals. I adopt plants.

Some people adopt animals in need. I adopt plants and nurse them back to health. Lowe’s has a section of carts in the back of the garden center full of plants that weren’t watered, have gotten beaten up and are otherwise not saleable. The best part is that are for sale at a DEEP discount. Being a frugal gardener, I am all over those carts! All they need is a little bit of extra attention.

Here are a couple of finds from last week. I had two days of jury duty and I needed something to lift my spirits and clear my energy so I stopped at the garden center on the way home.

Coreopsis, also known as tickseed, is one of my favorites because it grows so well in my yard and the yellow flowers are so vibrant. Two years ago I had a big beautiful plant that was killed by some people doing work at the house-clearly I am  still seething about that incident-so now I have a replacement. Just cut off the deadstuff, give it a little more TLC and in a couple of weeks I will have a happy perennial that I bought for $2.00.

Geum is new to me but I love the orange flowers. Another perennial, that will keep coming back year after year, for $3.00. 

Bring your smart phone, it comes in handy to identify the plants and to get some basic information like what conditions the plant needs, how big it will get and what it looks like.

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