Sunday, July 25, 2010

Coquille already had a do-over

About 6 inches into my new scarf project Coquille I realized I was reading the pattern wrong, missing a few of the short-row gussets. So I pulled it out last night, but it was okay, I had messed up the very beginning, too, so this was my chance to fix it. This pattern is easy to remember, something I really appreciate so I can watch TV and knit without having to stop and look at the pattern.

Here's a picture pre-frog to show how the color of this yarn (Mini Moochi Violet Garden) is striping. I studied a number of pictures on the Internet to get a good idea of how these colors would come together.

I think a single color yarn with a value change would look really nice, too, like dark blue to lighter blue or dark gray to silver.

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