Sunday, March 23, 2008

Brush with fame

Yesterday I was volunteering at the Constitution Ave. information desk at the Museum of Natural History. The place was mad, people, the tourists are back with a vengence.

But it is always fun to meet people from around the country and to help them enjoy the Smithsonian and their trip to DC. No, I really mean that.

At one poing there was a lull in the crowd pouring in the doors. I happened to look up and who was coming through security but Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck and their adorable daughter. (She is cute as a button.) I did a double take for sure when I saw Jennifer, who was looking straight at me. It took few seconds for me to put it all together - I looked at her, then I noticed hubby, and then I got all flustered. I made eye contact with Jennifer Garner!!

It was so exciting to see them, and I am not big on celebrities. She is very pretty, much cuter in real life than on the big screen, and not as tall as I thought. And Ben has mastered the art of hiding his face under his ball cap. I would not have even given him a second look had I not seen Jennifer. They completely blended in with all of the other families in their jeans and sneakers. Unfortunately they did not come to the desk to ask me any questions, like where the butterfly exhibit is or where could they buy IMAX tickets.

I did not blow their cover but I did tell the woman who was working the desk with me. She darted off to catch a glimpse and then returned to text her friends. We were grinning ear to ear the rest of the shift. They are in Washington, D.C. because Ben is shooting a movie. Word on the street is that Russell Crowe is in town, too. Now THAT would be cool to see him.

What is this fascination our society has with celebrity? I was surprised by my giddy reaction, even a little disturbed by it.

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