Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ivy but not rashes

Ivy is coming along nicely

I am concerned that the lumpy looking section of the back of the sweater will not smooth out when I wash and shape the piece when I am finished. When I frogged Sorbet, the yarn was all crimped from the stitches in that piece. I did not wash and straighten it out the yarn before starting Ivy.

Now that I have started a second ball, it looks so much smoother and neater. This will be a lesson learned. I am not going to stop now. If I have to pull it all out at the end, so be it.

V Day

Valentine's Day was really nice. I haven’t had a Valentine in a long time so it was fun to be able to participate this year. ;)

Gabriel came over for dinner. I cooked Cornish game hens for the first time and they came out great. Here is the recipe from I also made garlic mashed (Yukon gold) potatoes, green beans, and kale w/apples and curry.

It was very low key, fun evening.

Until the topic of my rash came up. Again.

I have pityriasis rosea, a gross-looking but not contagious (or itchy or anything) rash on my torso, stomach, neck, and arms. It is nothing to be concerned about and will go away in a couple of months or so. Well, Gabe is convinced I need to go on a fast to stop eating carbs because they are contributing to my candida. Since when do carbohydrates have anything to do w/a yeast infection? Where does he come up w/this crap?

Old German wives tales I think. His grandmother's cure for everything when he was growing up was an anema. I guess that explains a lot.

The doctor also gave me an RX for a topical cortisone cream which he is pleading with me not to use. I appreciate his concern for my well-being but he has gone way over the top. I have read up on my rash and feel very comfortable with my doctor's prognosis. He doesn't believe her, because he says she is a lacky for the drug companies and the only reason she prescribed the cortisone is because she ultimately gets a cut. Paranoid much?

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