Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

To pickup where I left off a few weeks ago, that blue scarf was looking great, but I ran out of yarn. I really thought I had bought 2 balls, but I guess not. Or maybe I will find it buried somewhere one day. Ugh, so much time wasted!

So that scarf turned into this one, which is part of the my charity knitting for the Orphan Foundation of America’s Red Scarf Project. I had originally thought I would have time to knit this scarf for my office secret santa to replace the blue scarf, but when it came down to the wire I did not have the 3 hours I estimated I needed to finish it in time.

I love this pattern, though, so I am using it for the third scarf I am knitting for Red Scarf here:

Remember that scarves are accepted throughout the month of January ONLY.

Happy New Year everybody. My holidays were great and I celebrated whole heartedly. With the office parties, my birthday, traveling to Rhode Island for Christmas, spending time with my parents, and then a few days off to recover from it all, I am ready to get back to my normal routine.

Living across the street from the National Cathedral brings an interesting viewpoint to now my second presidential funeral. After the obscure and rather limiting security during Reagan’s funeral and seeing the ugliness that reigns in some people in my building, I have decided to stay inside and watch is all on TV. I have the day off, maybe I will try to figure out the MP3 player I got for Christmas.

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