Sunday, September 17, 2006

Vicarious real estate

Had an interesting afternoon condo-hunting with my friend O. He is looking for an investment property and took me along today to 3 places, one in Brookland, one near the U St. corridor, and one downtown.

The place in Brookland was not open like he thought so that was out. Nice residential neighborhood, though.

The place on Florida was preconstruction so all we got was a computer animation DVD extolling the virtues of D.C. The building is named The Floridian so I think they were trying to make it feel like Miami with a lot of glass, steel, and cool people sipping drinks. Didn’t really work, frankly. And the overly skinny real estate agent did a terrible job selling overpriced condos that won’t be ready for another year, which translates to at least a year-and-a-half. (It looked like the hole was still being dug.) Who knows where the real estate market will be then.

The final place was on 12th, an older building that just went condo. The developer is doing minimal fixes on the units so is selling them at pretty good prices.


I really believe in the feeling a place gives me and this place had a good vibe. Not all too-cool-for-school, hipster bs.

All of this made me appreciate my home all the more. Had it not dropped in my lap at a really great price I probably would not have bought it, but it has character, is in a good neighborhood, it is green but still in the city, and is close to work.

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