Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm out $3.57

Where does a girl get a good croissant in NW DC?

Used to be Firehook, in Dupont Circle. But what they called a croissant the other day is what I would call a roll. I was crushed because I used to rely on Firehook for my monthly fix.

After that $1.49 disappointment, I tried Marvelous Market today, on Conn. It sure looked like a croissant. But it was hard, chewy, and very bread-like in the center. Ugh. And this was a $2.08 disappointment!

Maybe because it's so hot right now, it's hard to keep the butter hard in the production.

And then there's the bitchy suburbanite driving the Jaguar who almost hit me because she didn't think the red light applied to her. I love yelling at drivers. It always startles them when a ped makes eye-contact and calls them out. It's very funny, try it someday.

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Jenna said...

Breadline, who I see at the Mt. Pleasant Farmer's market but have a shop on Penn, have FABULOUS crossaints. So.Much.butter. I haven't tried the ones at Heller's bakery, but they are huge and look yummy.